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What is the RCB

If you don't fully understand how RCBs work, read this article carefully.

What is a HYIP RCB?

The acronym stands for the words Referral Cash Back or Referral Commission Back. Almost all HYIP projects have a referral fee program for users. This is a strategy to promote the program to other investors. We give back 100% of the commissions we receive, but there are some HYIP monitors that give back more than they received. They are the so-called RCB monitors, very popular and therefore chosen by HYIP administrators to highlight their project.

How to calculate HYIP RCB?

You can see a really high RCB percentage in some HYIP monitors, such as on InstantMonitor and others.

In the image above you can see that this program provides a 5% referral commission for all users, . So, if you make a deposit with $100, your upline will receive a commission of $5.

By having InstantMonitor as your upline, however, you will receive an RCB of 15,5$ as you can see in the request form:

Is it important to receive RCBs from HYIP monitors?

Of course YES! We should always use RCB from HYIP Monitors, because this is a good way to get extra and immediate profits for us, and many RCB Monitors pay higher referral fees than they receive to attract more investors.

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