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HYIPs Frequently asked questions

Here is the answer to the most frequently asked questions about the HYIP universe

What is a HYIP?

HYIP is an abbreviation of High Yield Investment Program, it is an investment program that accumulates capital from the contributions of Internet users. Investors deposit funds and receive interest from the deposit on the basis of investment plans. The characteristic of HYIP is that the interest matures on a daily basis (sometimes every hour, weekly or monthly). The percentage of interest can vary from 0.5% to 10% per day and more! The HYIPs that have more chances of duration are those that pay interest of 1-3% per day, then of 30-90% per month (definitely more than any bank interest!). Usually the minimum contribution in HYIP varies between 1 and 20 dollars.

How can HYIPs pay such high interest rates?

Forex trading is a fairy tale often used by project administrators, a part of HYIP programs present it self as an operator in the field of CLOUD MINING, but the legend can also concern the development of new technologies (know-how), commercial antiques, trade in oil, diamonds, alternative energy, gambling and other high-yield activities. Regardless of the legend that is presented to investors, you have to remember that this is a legend and that 99.99% are fictitious activities. Like any high-income source, HYIP is a very risky type of investment.

Is it the fastest and easiest way to make money!! Where’s the trick?

Realistically, almost all of the HYIPs (around 99%) are financial pyramidal schema that not earn money with real market activities but pretend that they are working. So, they pay interests not from their profits received, they using funds from the new deposits. It’s very difficult to distinguish the financial pyramid and the real HYIP. While there is a flood of new deposits, the HYIP pyramid will regularly pay all investors, when new deposits do not increase the overall capital of the HYIP project it will stop paying.

How to earn in HYIP?

When the administrator launches his HYIP, he spends his money on the website (hosting, screenplay, design, advertising, etc.). The amount of costs depends on the period during which HYIP will recover the costs. The HYIP administrator expects to receive more money than he spends, and until he reaches that goal, he will pay all investors. In this time interval you can earn in HYIP. Some programs run less than a week and the other for 1-2 years before they stop paying and become SCAM. It is true to make money in HYIP, but you need to know how to choose the programs and which strategies use to invest. The use of the reference program and RCB will accelerate the process of making a profit.

How big is the risk of losing money?

The risk of losing the money invested in a pyramid scheme or in a real HYIP is approximately the same. In the first case, everything depends on the popularity of the project and the influx of new deposits. In the second case, the success in trading or etc. Even the real Forex or poker trading could suffer losses, which can lead to the closure of the investment project. Despite the risks, the HYIP industry becomes more popular every year.

What is HYIP Monitor, why is it necessary?

It is a website, like DIGITALGAIN, that classifies the HYIP and their rankings. Evaluation based on the analysis of technical information and personal experience in monitoring administration. Monitoring provides technical information on HYIPs that help investors determine the choice of HYIP investment. Furthermore, the monitoring shows the current payment status of the investment project and the regularity of payments. The HYIP monitoring has deposits and active payments like ordinary investors, on this basis the monitoring shows the status of payments. Monitoring accepts investors’ complaints about problems with HYIP and provides recommendations to investors with problematic situations.

Is it true that the monitors not invest their money?

Sometimes the funds for the deposit are provided by the HYIP administrators as a bonus. But they can be exceptions, when the monitoring site administrator is confident in the profitability of a HYIP, he invests his money with his personal funds.

Are all monitoring sites honest?

No, some monitoring administrators put their interests above the interests of investors. The initial task of monitoring is to display the most up-to-date information on HYIP. If the monitoring administrator takes bribes or distorts information on HYIP, he will lose his position in the eyes of investors and will no longer visit the monitoring site. HYIP monitoring without regular visitors is not interesting for HYIPs. We at the DIGITALGAIN Team believe that reputation is more precious than money and we do our best to objectively evaluate HYIPs.

Can you provide an example of a profitable HYIP?

There are many examples, for over 10 years the HYIP industry has had the opportunity to earn in hundreds of projects. is still active when I’m writing, and it’s active from more than 250 days, in this period you should earn more than the 400% of your initial deposit. Some more examples are: paid 1% – 1.9% every working day (5 days a week), worked 575 days, during this period, you could earn from 310% to 589% of net income. paid 1% – 1.8% per day, worked 392 calendar days, earnings could be from 292% to 605.6%. paid 1.15% – 2.47% per day, worked 177 days, earnings could be from 103.55% to 337.19%. Other examples, proof of payment and reviews of investors that you can find on the Internet (HYIP forum, blog, HYIP monitor).

How to deposit money in HYIP?

There are many electronic payment systems on the Internet. Some of them are anonymous and some require complete or partial identification. Contributions through a bank or a credit card are also possible, if the HYIP administration will provide it. The most popular payment systems for investing in HYIP are Perfect Money, Payeer, ADV Cash. In almost all HYIP projects you can invest using crypto currencies such as BITCOIN, LITECOIN, DOGECOIN, RIPPLE, ETHEREUM etc.

How to become an HYIP investor?

It’s very simple, you can use our referral link to register on the HYIP you choose. In this way you can start immediately to amortize your investment by receiving the RCB from us. The deposit must be made through one of the electronic payment systems that the project makes available, do not forget to withdraw profits every day. Furthermore, it is necessary to have an account in the payment system through which HYIP accepts deposits. Almost all HYIPs have a FAQ page, don’t forget to read it, there are answers to most investment questions.

What does “Status” of HYIP mean?

  • PAYING: we have received all payments on time, depending on the conditions, and there are no complaints from investors.

  • WAITING: HYIP added to the list but the first payment has not yet been received. Or there is a slight delay in paying longer than the deadline. Or received a complaint from an investor, but the information has not yet been verified. The temporary unavailability of the HYIP site may be the reason for this status.

  • PROBLEM: there is a significant delay (more than a day) in the payment, beyond the expiry in the conditions. Or we have received a complaint from an investor and the information is verified and confirmed. Or the HYIP site is not available more than a day without notification of the problem (change of the server, DDoS attack etc.).

  • SCAM: no payment is received under HYIP conditions and the administration does not respond to e-mails. Or we found selective payments and received a complaint from an investor, what was confirmed. After assigning this status, we report it to public forums.

  • CLOSED: The HYIP site is no more reachable or active.

The decision to change the state also depends on the particular situation.

What are the referral system and the referral commission?

Most Internet sites that use affiliate programs adopt a Referral system. If the new HYIP investor registers using the site link he will get a certain% from the deposit, this percentage is called a referral commission. Referral is who was attracted, Referrer is who attracts. Sometimes it is not necessary to invest on your own, you can earn money in HYIP only by attracting other investors. The size of the reference commission may vary from 1 to 15 percent. The reference system can have different levels, in which it is possible to obtain a reward not only from referrals, but also from referral referrals (such as network marketing). To attract referrals, you need to use a special reference link. Warning! Don’t use your referral link for your registration, your deposit can be blocked!

What is the RCB (Referral Commission Back)?

Some monitors offer to return the commission they receive from each HYIP project. When an investor registers using the reference link from the monitoring site, he becomes his referral and he has the possibility to receive an extra money sum called RCB from the monitoring site. In this case, the monitoring paid the amount of the referral fee received for the deposit. The RCB can be multiplied by a bonus factor. For example, 200% of RCB means that the HYIP monitoring is ready to return back the double of the reference commission.

What is the “new HYIP” list?

It is a list of all the HYIPs that have recently appeared on the Internet. This list should contain just new projects. If you invest in a HYIP first, then surely you will receive more payments before it stops paying and become scammers.

What is the difference between “Manual”, “Instant” and “Automatic” payment types?

Manual payments mean that the HYIP administrator makes payments manually after a certain number of hours from the request to withdraw. Instant payments means that payment orders are processed by the program (site script) immediately after the request. Automatic payments mean that the order and payment are made automatically, it’s not necessary to visit the HYIP site for the payment request, the money will be automatically sent to an account in the payment system.

What is meant by “Principal return: No”?

It’s when the deposit is already included in the interest payed. That is, at the end of the deposit the deposit will not be returned (because it was received along with the payment).

What advice can you give for the HYIP beginner?

  1. Don’t spend what you can’t afford to lose.

  2. Do not take a loan or credit to invest in HYIP.

  3. Do not chase daily high interest, the safest is 1-3%.

  4. Not spending all the money on a HYIP, dividing the amount between 5-10 will help reduce the risk of loss.

  5. Try to invest without the contribution, keep in mind or write in the date of the text file and the amount of the deposit. After the closure of HYIP it is possible to calculate the potential profits / losses and analyze them, correcting the HYIP selection criteria.

  6. Always read the HYIP forums, there are many discussions about HYIPs, various strategies and evaluation criteria. We think the most popular English forum on HYIP is

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