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If yours is a project that was born as sleepers or if you aim for the long term and don't want to shed blood, here is what you are looking for.

Our listing fee includes a $ 30 deposit (which can be paid out as a bonus) and a fee of only $ 20. The deposit will be fully reinvested at each cycle, for the entire duration of the project.

The insurance can be paid over time (if you wish).

Possibility to upgrade to class by paying the difference.

The service includes:

  • The advertisement "for life" with the publication on SMG and in our topics on the forums;
  • Insertion of the project in the on Telegram @smartmonitorguru;
  • A detailed textual review of the project, after the first week of listing, with publication on VK, FB, Twitter and on and;
  • 1 mailing to advertise the project after a week of presence on the listing;
  • 100% RCB to investors;
  • Support to users in our social networks and Telegram channels / chats.

Guarantees: There are no guarantees for the Basic


  • "Custom" or licensed script
  • Fully functional script
  • Transparent downline form
  • e-mail notifications

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