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How insurance works on a HYIP project

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An insurance in a HYIP project represents a great advantage for the investor.

As you already know, there is no guarantee of a return on your investment in a HYIP project, which is why if insurance has been set up in a monitor it is a good opportunity to invest, having the certainty of imitating or even eliminating any losses.

There is also another consideration:

the projects that deposit a high insurance, from $1.00 and up, are often the "best", those with the most budget and guarantee of duration. They often have unique scripts, experienced administrators and therefore are a good opportunity.

How insurance works

Let's now see how insurance works in detail. It is necessary to understand its dynamics well so as not to make mistakes when filling out requests.

First of all, if an insurance is present in a certain project you will see an icon in the RCB monitor box and this will also be present in a dedicated list located on the right or left side of the page.

A first banal rule is that to take advantage of any insurance you need to have the RCB monitor that displays it as your upline. You must also be registered as a user and log in.

There are then some rules to respect in your investment plans, the main one is that you must not carry out the so-called "compound" or capitalize the income.

Another rule is that interest withdrawals must be made promptly as soon as they are credited.
To verify your loss the RCB monitor will ask you to provide your username, password and the email you used to deposit in the HYIP project.

If you have activated the 2FA option, i.e. two-factor authentication, in the HYIP project.
You will then be asked to indicate your loss, taking into account that you should have received the RCB and that this will therefore be subtracted from the calculation.

The choice of investment plan also has its importance, it is in fact advisable to choose the one that allows the fastest withdrawal of interest, thus avoiding "after xx days" plans which are often decidedly fraudulent.

The remuneration policy

Even if the project includes an insurance offer, you are not guaranteed to have compensated for all losses. If the total loss of followers is less than the insurance funds, all followers will receive 100% compensation.

On the contrary, if the total loss of followers exceeds the insurance funds, the entire insurance amount will be divided among all followers who suffer a loss in a certain proportion.
There are also maximums for each individual investor, this depends on the insurance fund, the higher the fund the higher the maximum per investor.

It will be possible to make requests when the project is declared "NON-PAYING" and the request form will then be activated. This request must be made quickly, generally within 3-4 days.
If you do not submit your request on time, you will not be compensated.

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