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SMG intro

A brief presentation of the service

Even if you arrived on SMG by chance or out of curiosity, know that I appreciate your presence and, I hope, that you can become our associate.

First, I will explain the function of SMG and how it differs from the many similar services operating in the high yield investment industry.

Over the years, starting in 2015, we have worked as investors and bloggers in the online investment industry. We believe we have gained good experience in many areas of income, particularly in HYIPs. In general, if you are really experienced and you rely on a reliable partner, you can make money with HYIPs, but remember that there are many impromptu investors or those without a good strategy who lose money.

SMG turns its attention to high yield investment projects. This direction, with the right approach, can promise to gain, if not financial independence, at least an additional income.

In addition to the so-called HYIPs, we have recently added some sections:

  • LEGIT PROJECTS: in this section we insert stable systems that offer earnings based on real investment activities

  • CeFi PROJECTS: CeFi platforms are regulated financial institutions that use crypto as their main currency and offer various investment methods

  • DeFi PROJECTS: DeFi (Decentralized Finance) operates on infrastructures like blockchain, not centralized like banking systems. Thanks to the automatisms of smart contracts, transactions take place without external intervention.

Now I'll explain how, by relying on SMG as a partner for your investments, you can get the best possible combination from the relationship between risk, profit and time spent.

It takes time and experience to select a balanced portfolio of project portfolios, well, on SMG you will find serious projects, released by experienced administrators and with objective evaluation criteria.

Speaking of risks, you certainly know that investing is always risky, but by following the projects we propose you can get a 100% RCB (Referral Cash Back) and fair insurance that protects your capital.

I conclude this introduction by saying that if you are interested in personal communication, write to me using the contact form, we are always ready to share information and useful advice.

All banners and links here are advertisements only. We do not endorse or vouch for any advertisers. Some programs may be illegal depending on your country's laws. Paying status and others status is just for our monitor. We don't give practice, all investments decisions are up to you. Please bear in mind that all HYIPs and Autosurfs investments presuppose high risks.You've been warned about the hazards .We don't incur a liability for the money you may lose on any site listing here. We don't recommend you spend what you cannot afford to lose.

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