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RCB and Insurance on SMG

Find out how you know your share of the insured capital at any time


SMG returns 100% of the commission it receives from each project to its affiliates

THE TRANSACTION FEE is not paid by SMG. This fee depends on the payment processor / cryptocurrency you choose. Some commissions are fixed (Payeer: 0.95%, PerfectMoney: 0.5%, EpayCore ??). however, it is possible to request the RCB also with a processor different from the one with which the deposit was made in the project

To obtain the RCB you can fill in the relative form



SMG has a unique insurance system, which allows you to check your insured and protected share of capital in real time

Another feature of SMG's insurance system is automation, in fact you will not have to fill out application forms, your compensation will automatically arrive on your wallet as soon as the project stops paying

In SMG the insurance funds are paid by the project administrators and are increased through a special reserve fund in which we allocate a share of the advertising revenues

In order to take advantage of the insurance coverage, you must first choose to invest in a protected project

The total insurance coverage for the single project is shown in the post

Insurance coverage is based on a financial plan, if you make a deposit using another plan, you do so at your own risk

Let's now see in detail how insurance SMG works:

  • All SMG referrals who request and obtain the RCB (Request Cash Back) of each single insured project can take advantage of the insurance coverage

  • THE COMPENSATION RATE depends on the volume of the correct claims, the amounts deposited and how much is withdrawn, also in the form of RCB

  • The insured capital is calculated by the formula: "Total deposited" - "Total withdrawn" - "RCB" = "Protected capital"

  • Once you have obtained the RCB, you will see your username and email appear in the accounting list

  • You will be able to check the evolution of your financial situation on a daily basis, the only thing you will have to do is take care of the withdrawals, remember that it is necessary to withdraw all the money available every day from the balance during this period. The amounts will always be counted as "withdrawn"

Here are some rules:

  1. SMG must be the first only upline;

  2. Investments made after status downgrading from PAYING are not covered. Be careful to invest only in projects whose status is PAYING

  3. The automatic payment takes place through the Perfect Money and Epaycore processors, for the other processors, for example for cryptocurrencies, the process is manual

  4. THE TRANSACTION FEE is not paid by SMG to keep the full amount of the insurance available. This fee depends on the payment processor / cryptocurrency you choose. Some commissions are fixed (Payeer: 0.95%, PerfectMoney: 0.5%, EpayCore 0.5%)


It is not necessary to make any request, the compensation will be made using the same processor and wallet used for the RCB

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