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Piggy banks, appreciated by investors

For those who do not know how Piggy Bank programs work, here’s a brief explanation.

The HYIP programs that can be classified as “Piggy Bank” represent a category particularly appreciated by investors, as they have the possibility of setting up personalized investment strategies.

In short, they are always HYIP programs, so everyone takes the right risk by investing in them, but, if you are not too greedy, you can often get a good profit with a relatively low risk.

The main feature that sets Piggy Banks apart is that these are programs allow the withdrawal of principal at any time, usually with the deduction of a percentage of 5-10%, sometimes but rarely without any commission.

The most commonly applied commission scheme is 5%  Fee with the possibility of withdrawal when 24 hours from the investment are passed.

This feature offers to the investor the opportunity to apply different strategies, here are two that we can define as “conservative” and “optimistic”.

You can choose the first or second and the choice depends on when we expect the program to continue paying in time terms.

A good Piggy Bank program typically lasts between 2 and 4 months, but that’s not the rule.

The conservative strategy

The conservative strategy foresees, once the quality of the project has been assessed, to establish a priori the percentage of profit to aim for. In other words, the question we have to ask ourselves is: “how much do I have to earn to compensate for the risk of losing all or part of my capital?”. Suppose the answer is the 50%. Well, if you deposit $ 100 (or the corresponding value in crypto) and the daily interest is 3.6%, and the RCB that I will receive from Digitalgain using the referral link for registration is the 5%, here are the counts:

100$ of investment – I immediately receive $ 5 of RCB -I get 3.6% interest daily for 15 days, $ 54 total I withdraw the capital on the fifteenth day 15th day by paying 5% tax, then $ 95 In summary:

$ 5 RCB + $ 54 interest + $ 95 capital withdrawal = $ 154

The optimistic strategy

Now let’s see the strategy, or if you prefer, the optimistic reasoning: in this case I will have to have a particular trust in the quality and durability of the HYIP project, assuming that the investment is always $ 100:

100$ investment – I immediately receive $ 5 of RCB – I get the $ 3.6 interest rate that I reinvest (in other words, I adopt the “compound”).

Here the calculations are complicated, also because there is a minimum investment threshold often this amount is 0.001 BTC or 10 $ and this means that I cannot reinvest interest every day but I can only do it when I reach the minimum amount that I can deposit, unless I invest a larger amount instead of $ 100! However, everyone can do this exercise with a spreadsheet, I did it and I saw that with these data and thanks to the compound I doubled the capital in about 21 days. At this point, I will only withdraw the initial capital and leave the interest earned by withdrawing the daily earnings in the following days. In other words: I risk more, but then I’ll play with the house money until the project will continue to pay!

Possible variations

Always remaining in the category of Piggy Bank here are some possible variations:

Piggy Bank BTC “only”, programs that accept investments only via BTC

Programs that allow you to set a percentage of compound (from 0% to 100% on accrued interest

Last tips

Finally, here are some last tips:

  • do not be too greedy, first establish the investment strategy and once you have reached your goal, withdraw your capital;

  • do not invest a too low amount or it will take you too long time to reach the minimum withdrawable amount

  • don’t invest in programs beyond their third month of life, Piggy Bank programs with a longer life are few and it’s not worth the risk


Regardless of whether you feel conservative or optimistic, remember that it is always about HYIP, and therefore invest only what you can afford to lose!

With this article I think I explained how to make the most of the investment opportunities of this type of program, if you have any comments or questions use the space below and I will gladly answer you.

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