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Introduction to HYIPs

Read carefully before investing

HYIP is an acronym which means a highly profitable investment program.

You can invest money in such programs and get a high percentage of profit, which can range from 7% to 70% per month or up to 3% per day, depending on the payment plans.

There are a wide variety of financial plans, often within each project. These plans can be daily, weekly or monthly. Sometimes there are great designs with hourly plans

It is not difficult to invest in HYIPs, it is enough to have a minimum command of the computer to register in the investment project and create an account, but first of all you need to open a personal account in one of the electronic payment systems. Chief among these is Perfect Money.

The investment amount is limited only by the terms of the program, you can invest in the project from $ 1 to the established limit.

Often already the day after the deposit, you will be able to cash out the profits from your investments, unless the plan provides for different time frames.

Everything is therefore quite simple, but there are many risks and without an adequate strategy you can incur substantial losses.

Remember that 99% of HYIP projects show themselves as exchange of currencies on the Forex market, cryptocurrency mining, real estate speculation .. and much more, but these are only "legends" and in reality they are Ponzi schemes that provide for the payment of interest with the sums deposited by the new members.

This does not mean that with a good strategy and relying on a partner like SMG you cannot reap considerable profits, but you need experience and even a bit of luck. Surely you will have to think of a portfolio of investments, in short, diversify and not put all the apples in the same basket.

The statistics we have accessed show that only a percentage of investors make money on medium to long-term investment programs. The problem is that most of the projects are financial pyramids, which only stand up thanks to new inflows of money. When the funds for payments become scarce, the administrator simply closes the project and a large number of investors suffer losses.

The main goal of the investor is to select the most stable project, which is very popular with users and created with the expectation of a long term.

Now let's see how the accrual of interest on deposits works: there are two main ways to calculate the profit:

Daily accrual of interest and withdrawal of profits. In this case, the internal balance of the deposit is debited every day and the body of the deposit is returned when the term expires;

Simultaneous debit of the interest rate and the deposit at maturity. Interest is added to the available account balance and withdrawal is possible.

Payment terms are specified in advance on the project website. The duration of the terms of storage of the deposit. Dates vary from project to project. Note that many projects do not work on holidays and days before holidays. Therefore, from the period it is necessary to consider only working days.

To minimize the risk, it is helpful to understand that the larger the deposit, the greater the risk of loss. Also for this reason it is better to distribute modest sums in many projects rather than betting everything on a single horse.

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