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If you are a NEWBI, read this

Before investing, you should know the following rules

With HYIPs you can get profitable returns in a short time, but at the same time you could lose all or part of your capital at any time without warning.

So, play with your spare money and don't invest what you can't afford to lose.

Before investing, you should know the following rules:

  1. The smaller your investment, the less risk you will take. Because most HYIPs will choose selective payment only for smaller withdrawals, especially when they intend to close projects;

  2. Have sufficient experience to choose high-quality programs based on website templates, certificate types, investment plans, videos, and so on;

  3. Check the payment status from all hyip monitor websites before subscribing;

  4. Don't always reinvest your profits, most investors lose money due to reinvestment, this is the punishment for greed;

  5. Never invest in HYIPs whose daily net profit is greater than 10%, excluding capital after an investment cycle.

You are the only person who should be responsible for your money, so make sure you understand the above rules clearly before investing.

Some very special HYIP projects: the "pseudo-mining"

They say they mine cryptocurrencies, but it's just a legend: no mining business allows you to make major profits and the real cloud mining companies that allow you to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by renting their equipment offer profits of less than 10% annually, this without considering the possible increase in the value of the cryptocurrency that is being mined.

It is not always a party in the HYIP galaxy, there are periods of success and failure. In this article I try to explain the mechanisms of a number of scams to newcomers.

To begin with, scam (or project closure) in most cases occurs for these reasons:

Reason 1 - there is not much money in the project. An inexperienced administrator may not calculate marketing correctly and the number of payments is unsustainable. Sometimes it happens that a payment system blocks a wallet with a large sum of money in the account (unfortunately in this case there is nothing to do). Then there are cheaters on the forums posting negative comments and no one will go to the project. It happened that there was a hacker attack ... in short, for any plausible reason there is no more money in hand, or there is little, and the administrator cannot or does not want to pay any more. Of course, all of these sets of causes are often caused by mistakes that experienced administrators are unlikely to make. Lack of experience, neglect, stupidity or greed - anything can lead to loss of money. It should also be remembered that advertising on blogs and monitors costs a lot and the flow of investments in the project does not at all guarantee the return on investment. Often, administrators get expensive and inefficient advertising and pay interest to careless advertisers at the expense of investors. Consequently: an empty cash register, a scam and profits only for advertisers.

Reason 2. There is a lot of money (too much) in the project. This variant is less common, but it happens. Investors have accumulated a lot of deposits in the first few days after launch and everyone is waiting for the profit. The administrator has a lot of money, deposits slow down and sees no reason to continue.

Let's now examine why there are unfavorable periods in which scams follow one another in a serial way: the most common reasons for such a "black band" are:

Reason 1: we are within the period of the main holidays (which includes the pre-holiday period). Investors have other priorities: gifts, corporate parties, holiday commitments, in short, it closes with investments and indeed they withdraw money from electronic wallets or cryptocurrencies. This explains why during the holidays and for 1-2 a week before the holidays (especially the new year), there are so many scams.

Reason 2: We are in the summer, traditional for the holidays. People do not want to sit in front of the monitors, they prefer camping, a house by the sea or in the mountains and travel: all things that cost, with the consequence that the interest in the investment decreases

Reason 3: one or more first-level projects stops paying, this means that thousands or even tens of thousands of investors who have invested in large projects, after the scam of such a giant, are scared and will not invest in projects in the short term less important. Then there is another fact: improvised administrators divert part of their proceeds into giant projects, this in order to have liquidity and pay investors. After closing a large project, all other projects that depend on it will be automatically closed.

What can we deduce from the above?

Don't invest too much in the wrong time frame, like early December;

Choose reliable HYIPs that offer substantial insurance coverage;

Don't trust too much advertising. Remember that this is paid with your own money, if an administrator spends a lot immediately after the launch it happens that he is left with empty wallets. Better to focus on projects that grow slowly;

Don't trust "savvy investors" and analysts. For the analysis of a project, only the insider plays a role on the admin, its past projects, the dynamics of purchased advertising. But even here there are no 100% guarantees: even the best administrator sometimes make mistakes.

Finally, I recommend that you contact me personally before investing a large sum: all the information we know will faithfully reported.

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