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Diversification on HYIPS

The main strategy for not losing money

HYIPs have become quite popular nowadays. The number of investors who want to make money with such programs is growing, but not all of them are making a profit.

This is due to the fact that HYIPs are high risk investments.

Only those who with their experience have mastered and have thoroughly studied the  correct investment strategies, can increase their capital with HYIPs.

In this article we will talk about one of the basic rules - diversification.

What does the word "diversification" mean? Diversification occurs by dividing the overall investment portfolio into parts that are invested in various projects.

Splitting reduces the risk of losing your entire portfolio, as the likelihood that all reliable HYIPs will close over the period is quite low.

What amount of HYIPs is optimal for diversification? If you take note of most of the circumstances, such as the number of stable projects, your best bet is to choose to diversify the 6-10 order schedules.

As a result, with an increase in the number of projects, the risks are significantly reduced, but poor quality and unreliable projects are added to the portfolio.

For this reason, we recommend that you focus on a maximum of 10 projects for diversification.

Is it better to invest in fresh or long-lived HYIPs? The ideal strategy for any investor will be the diversification of funds between freshly baked projects and very stable projects. Of course, working with proven projects is the most enjoyable, but it must be remembered that HYIPs do not exist indefinitely. Also in this case it is better to have both types of investment, then choose long-term HYIPs but also new ones with excellent potential.

Now there is a logical question, how much to invest in a particular project? You need to allocate capital carefully, because if you open a deposit in a project using 50% of the portfolio you will have little left for everyone else and the scattering of ridiculous sums is not recommended.

The amount of a single investment should not exceed 30% of the entire available capital, depending on the level of reliability of the project.

As you gain experience, you will be able to conduct in-depth analysis of projects, with more precise calculations able to visualize and evaluate the level of risk.

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