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A brief introduction to "sleeping" HYIPs programs

The HYIPs in the "Sleeper" state are tactically created by the Administrators because, once they are officially launched with a new website and attractive payment plans, investors are led to think that the aforementioned Hyip has worked for a long time.

The salient features of a Sleeper are:

  1. low ROI

  2. low referral commission (usually 1%)

  3. No site design, that comes up with the Goldcoders standard

  4. limit on possible maximum investment (e.g. $ 500 – $ 1,000)

Deposits are often only allowed with the Perfect Money processor or with the Bitcoin crypto the “sleep phase” for a HYIP can last from 60 to 400 days and sometimes even longer, there are sleeping programs that have been active for many years

As we can see these unattractive programs but this is a tactic: Administrators do not want many investors during this phase, each investor is an additional expense for the Administrator who has to pay interest, even if low.

Once the sleep phase is over, the program will launch officially, will be advertised on blogs, monitors and forums and will behave like a traditional HYIP.

Fantastic then! Sleeper to have a guaranteed pension .. is this so? Not exactly:

Although Sleeper is always about HYIP that can stop paying interest at any time.

There are Administrators looking for "quick and easy" money that can launch a program that “looks like” a sleeper but is destined to be a quick scam. Choosing the right Sleeper requires skill and knowledge but sometimes it is not enough!

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